Do you know where your potential customers are? Do you know how to reach them? Tarantino Properties based in Houston, TX is a full-service real estate management company that knew the best place to find their potential customers was at other apartment complexes. Their properties have more exemplary amenities and customer services than the surrounding complexes and they wanted to tell those potential customers all of the benefits that their locations have to offer. When it came to reaching those specific people they needed a targeted marketing tactic that could get into the hands of their customers and into their homes.

Going door-to-door is one way to deliver your message but in this case, that was not an option.   Not all businesses are comfortable with that kind of presentation and in most cases, homeowners are hesitant to talk to someone who comes to their door. Tarantino needed a personal way to reach these specific customers, that’s why they chose direct mail. According to the 2016 DMA Statistical Fact Book, 61.7% of households find direct mail postcards useful or interesting. Because direct mail is a personal and tangible it is consistently one of the preferred tactics to contact consumers.

“Our direct mail campaigns with Trost Marketing have allowed us to reach our potential customers with exciting offers and show them all of the benefits of living at a Tarantino property.  We were able to target all of the residents at surrounding communities to keep our campaigns simple and cost-effective.” Telisia Amaning, CPM

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to reach your potential customers, then look no further than Direct Mail. It’s targeted, scalable, and is delivered into the hands of your potential customers. Now that’s powerful!

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