Do you every wonder why direct mail is one of the most commonly used forms of marketing?  The answer is in the name.  It’s direct.  Many times we speed past the name of the tactic and focus on the the cost or the design and think that just because we are doing direct mail that it will be successful.  The true value of direct mail is it’s ability to directly target your ideal customer.  If done correctly your message will be in the hands of a potential customer that has a need that you can meet.  If you know who your customer is and how to reach them you will put your business if the best opportunity for success.

Targeting customers is more than just picking addresses based on their proximity to you.  It is the careful review of indicators that match your typical customer.  The best way to find out what your typical customer looks like is to ask them.  Pay close attention to who is already coming and who are the customers that actually buy from you.  From there find demographic indicators that match the people you want to be in front of.  If you use this knowledge properly you will be putting your direct mail in the best opportunity for success.

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