Marketing is not about being everywhere, it's about being where your customers are.

Do you feel like it’s difficult to find customers every month?

If you don’t know where to look it can be frustrating to see other companies be successful while yours has to struggle for every sale you make. The reality is that people are buying what you sell. The challenge is finding them and staying in front of them.

Do You Want Everyone?

When marketing it is easy to get trapped thinking you have to get as much marketing out there as possible and that everyone is a potential customer. I would challenge you to ask yourself, “Do I want every potential customer?” Think about the customers you meet at a fair or home & garden show. Do you want to sell to all of them? Do you think they will pay their bills and stay active or potentially churn out? Better yet, is Exede a fit for them? Instead, identify whom you want to buy from you and find ways to start a conversation with them.

Knowing Personas

Exede has even identified your potential customers. They are characterized by personas based on the customers that have already bought Exede. They range by income, stage of life, education and age but they paint a picture of what the typical Exede customer looks like. Once you understand who they are you can identify how to reach them. If they are older grand parents you won’t effectively reach them with online marketing as much as you will with direct mail. If they are younger professionals you can use things like blogs, social media and online review sites to reach them. Knowing who they are is just as important as knowing where they are. Knowing their habits and mindset you can craft the right message or presentation to them. Imagine talking to someone that you just found out has a lot in common with you. You now have a connection and that connection leads to trust.

It’s your job to choose the marketing and message that will create opportunities with the kinds of customers that you want. Marketing is not about being everywhere. It’s about being where your customers are. Once you take that approach to marketing, it will make your marketing selection process much easier.

If you don’t sell Exede Satellite Internet you still need to know who your customers are. Start asking your customers questions about how they found you and try and learn as much about them as you can. From there create your own customer personas and then use that as a guideline for future marketing campaigns.

Do you know Exede’s Customer Base Personas?  If you would like to learn more about how to better target your customers then email us at and request a marketing consultation from Trost Marketing.

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