You may think twice next time you walk past a penny on the ground.  For most a few pennies isn’t much.  In fact many people believe that the dime is the new penny and won’t bother to pick one up if they dropped it.  But for all of us those pennies can add up.  Last Sunday the USPS officially raised the cost of a stamp $0.03 which works out to an increase of approximately 6%. The USPS anticipates this will increase the USPS revenue $2.6 Billion dollars.  That’s a lot of pennies.  260 billion pennies for those keeping track.

So what does that mean for companies marketing with direct mail?  It means marketing planning is that much more important.  Your marketing budgets probably didn’t go up by 6% so you need to make sure you are sending the right message to the right people.  Look closely at your demographics and identify your best opportunity for success.  Find out who your current customers are and see what they have in common.  Then use demographic indicates to find more people like that.  If your not sure.  Find a marketing company that can help you get started.  Direct mail is still one of the best ways to advertise and is a great way to send a target message to potential customer.  And that’s our 2 cents.


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