Skier2018 is an Olympic year and that coinciding with the launch of Viasat 2 is very appropriate. Both events are a celebration. One is of athleticism and the other is a giant leap in technology. The athletes in the Olympics have been training their whole lives for this moment, a moment that can potentially change their lives. You as a Viasat dealer have also gone through a similar training. Maybe not as intense or strenuous but I would propose that the moment is the same. You have the potential and the expertise to propel yourself and your business to the highest level. It all comes down to this moment and it’s now up to you to control your destiny. So now what?

People have been waiting for over 6 years for technology like this, how do you make the most out it? I would propose if you just keep doing what you are currently doing, you will not see as much as the potential growth as you could. It’s like Olympic athletes that competes but doesn’t push themselves to be the best, they may have made it to the Olympics but they didn’t get a medal. They are just there for the experience. The medalists are the ones that push themselves outside of their comfort zone. They work to progress the sport and are specialists in the fundamentals as well as creating new things that few people can do.

So which Olympian will you choose to be? Will you be a potential medalist or just one who is there for the experience? If you want to be one that strives to be the best, then you need to be ready to do what it takes to be the best. For you that may mean hiring another installer, increasing your marketing efforts, working longer hours, or buying better equipment so you can get jobs done faster. That’s a great start. But for Viasat dealers it doesn’t end after the first few weeks of the new service. You need to stay relevant in your market after the big push. That’s where marketing comes into play. Continue to build on the marketing you have in place and add on to what you are currently doing. Always be testing and evaluating what you are doing so you can make sure your message is in front of the right people. Don’t let your increases in marketing mirror the Olympic cycle. Leverage Viasat 2 to propel you to the next level in your business.

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