Masks and face coverings are the surprise promotional item of the year for 2020 and we’ve been getting a lot of requests for promotional masks to provide to customers and employees.  This is a great opportunity for you to provide a timely item to potentially promote your business but there are some things to consider when designing what to put on your mask.  Here are the top 5 things we recommend you think about when ordering a customized mask.

  1. Color- Darker colors are better since masks will most likely get multiple uses before cleaning but anyone who wears makeup knows that it can rub off with a mask.  Try to stay away from lighter colors that may pickup up and show any makeup.
  2. Logo size- As much as someone may love your business or brand they may not want to have a giant logo on their face.  To ensure that people will actually wear your mask consider a pattern of some kind that reflects your brand without it being the actual logo as a dominant feature.  Consider putting your logo off to the side as a secondary image instead of the entire printable space of the mask.
  3. Attachment- Does the mask go around the ears or hang on the face with less tension.  Elastic ear bands can cause discomfort over time.  If you have employees who may wear them a long time look for options that aren’t as tight to the face.
  4. Material- Since the purpose of the mask isn’t medical consider what the wearer will be doing when they wear it.  If they are going to be more active look for materials that are lighter like a t-shirt.  This will also help with the overall comfort.
  5. Be Creative- Is there a way the mask can tie into something you do?  Can you use it to tell your story?  Think about what you want to say when you give someone the mask.  Masks will be around for the foreseeable future.  Keep it fun and consider ways to use it to help tell your story.

Looking for mask options for your business?  Check out for all kinds of mask options or call a Trost Marketing Representative today to learn more.

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