Imagine you are a marketing manager for a large corporate brand and find out that one of your local acquisitions has partnered with a Major League Baseball Team to use a drone disinfection program to protect fans using a fast-acting formula that inactivates pathogens within four (4) minutes of the drone application, including coronavirus, norovirus, H1N1, SARS, MRSA, swine flu, E. Coli, Salmonella and more. Great news right?  Huge brand moment, press releases, TV interviews, Photo ops, and more.  Your CEO will be there and you have a team scheduled to demo this amazing drone technology. In the frenzy of preparing for this amazing partnership launch, you find out 3 days before the event that your team needs matching shirts in Miami before the event.  And then it happens.  Your normal corporate supplier says they can’t get them done in time.  Cue the panic.

This is the situation Rentokil North America found themselves in for the launch of their partnership with the Miami Marlins.  Fortunately, that panic quickly dissipated once they called Trost Marketing.  Over the last year and a half, Trost Marketing has become a growing resource for Rentokil’s acquisition marketing team.  This relationship arose as a result of Trost Marketing’s ability to quickly quote and turn direct mail jobs for new acquisition mailings.   Since then, Rentokil has been able to see the many powerful marketing solutions of Trost Marketing extending into commercial printing, promotional items, and branded apparel.  The Trost Marketing difference is taking printing and promotional items beyond a commodity.  Brands like Rentokil are discovering that creating effective marketing campaigns takes more than just having a supplier that can check a box.  Marketing managers need trusted and reliable partners that are an extension of their team.  Even the small jobs count, and that’s why it’s important to partner with companies that view your success as their success.

As you can expect, the shirts were produced and shipped to Miami the day before the event.  It was a tight deadline, but the team at Trost Marketing made it happen to fulfill our brand promise to “View our customers as partners” and “Be more than marketing”.  Consider your marketing partnerships.  Do you have vendors or marketing partners that will go the extra mile for you?  Are you supporting each other and can you depend on them when the timeline is tight?  Start investing in the right partners, even if it costs a little more. When the time comes that you need a marketing miracle, you’ll be glad you have a team you can depend on.

Want to see the end result?  Check out this article from The Miami Herald.




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