Made in the USA

A recent study showed that in total, 53% have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product is made in the USA.  Often marketing managers look for the lowest price for an item when they start but there are often other factors that additionally play into making the final selection like turnaround time, quantity availability, and quality.  American-made products often cost more than mass-produced items overseas but may have quicker turnaround times and more readily available inventories. This makes them a great option for shorter deadline projects and anything during the Chinese New Year.

How often do you think about your customer’s perception of your business when selecting products?  Think about your target audience or ideal customer when making these decisions.  A product that is cheaper and saves you some money may not achieve the same impact on your potential customer.  So, consider this when making your next marketing decision.  It could be the difference between you getting new business or a customer using your competitor.

Not sure where to find promotional products made in the USA?  Savvy marketing companies like Trost Marketing know how to find products made in the USA and can guide you to the right items that will connect with your potential customers.    Get started today!

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