monthsWhen you think about marketing these days you think about getting a number of impressions.  According to Investopedia impressions are “a metric used to quantify the number of digital views or engagements of a piece of content, usually an advertisement, digital post, or a web page.”  “impressions are not a measure of whether an advertisement has been clicked on but how many times it was displayed or had potential “eyeballs” on it…”

Marketing managers spend countless dollars just to get a potential customer’s attention or even a glance at their ad.  When you think of what goes into getting that fractional moment of attention you may ask yourself, what if I had their attention for longer or even a way to stay in front of them.  Is it possible to get the equivalent of 500 or more impressions on a single marketing piece?  According to an ASI Global Survey, Outerwear averages 6,100 impressions and it has tremendous staying power.  Other promotional items also have a high impression high longevity value. Here are the top 5 promotional products with staying power by month’s kept by a customer:

  1. Outerwear 16 months
  2. Umbrellas 14 months
  3. T-shirts 14 months
  4. USB Drives 13 months
  5. Desk Accessories 13 months

When you think about making an impression on potential customers consider more than just clicks and impressions.  Think about who you want to be in front of them and how long you want to be in front of them.  If you are trying to target a specific kind of customer, consider giving out higher-end promotional items to your existing customers.  Based on the statistics above, they will keep it for a long time and your branding will be in front of all other kinds of people just like them.  Going back to the digital world, you want to create a target audience based on your current customers for future marketing campaigns.  Why not do this in the real world too?  Give your ideal customers a high impression and long-lasting promotional items and they will personally represent your brand to all of their friends who are just like them.  When they are asked where they got that cool jacket or umbrella, they will point them directly to you.  It’s one of the best kinds of referrals and it builds customer loyalty.

Have you considered this as a marketing strategy for your business?  If you see the potential in promotional products with staying power let’s connect.  Trost Marketing can help you create some of the highest impression and longest-lasting marketing campaigns for your company and we can even help you with a company store.

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