New home pricing across the country is at record highs, available inventories are low, and buyers are getting into bidding wars.  The housing market is strong and so are the marketing opportunities.  Moving is a major life event for most people and it opens people’s mindsets to change.  Their address, neighborhood, route to work and school, grocery store, and more are all about to change.  In fact, many new movers spend more in the next 6 months than they typically spend all year.  This is a key moment for your business from a marketing perspective because new homeowners are embracing change and that change can be them considering using your company instead of who they have used in the past.

This is why businesses up their game to new movers and direct mail is one of the best ways to reach these potential new customers.  On average there are 300,000 – 400,000 new movers every week nationwide and you can build a direct mail campaign specific to your product or service.  Having a timely message increases your likelihood for a response as well so it’s the perfect recipe for a low cost per sale.  Here are some examples of new mover opportunities:

-Welcome to the Neighborhood

-Switch and Save

-Upgrade Your Lifestyle

-New Home New You

Industries like TV Service, Internet Service, Home Security, Lawn Care, Pest Control, Home Repairs, Furniture, Home Improvement, Restaurants, Vehicle Service, Insurance, Medical, Travel, and more can all benefit from this important life milestone and help new movers along the way. Remember, advertising is most successful when you are in the right place, with the right message, at the right time.  New movers give you the opportunity to hit on all 3 at once which positions you for the best opportunity for success.

If you want to explore new mover mail campaigns.  Contact the direct mail marketing experts at Trost Marketing today.

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