Forest Stewardship Council Certified Products

forestry logoAt Trost Consulting we’re committed to reducing, reusing and recycling whenever and wherever possible. If you ever wondered how we do it, here is a little insight to the products we use.

Inks: Vegetable oil based inks can be made from a variety of sources including soy-bean, corn and linseed oils. By replacing mineral oil with vegetable oil, this means we can reduce or even cut out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions. VOCs are carbon-containing gases and vapors that are released from solvents used during the printing process. The most significant environmental impact of VOCs is their formation with vehicle exhaust to form photochemical smog. However, in liquid form VOCs can effect water and soil quality. This is why we have opted to use vegetable oil based inks.

Paper: When it comes to protecting and preserving our environmental resources, perhaps no other organization is as well known and respected worldwide than FSC. Trost Consulting is proud to use FSC certified products and companies. Using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products gives Trost Consulting customers the choice to print on paper that originates in responsibly managed forests. Trost Consulting also uses Chain of Custody certified printers, and is entitled to apply the FSC’s “checkmark-and-tree” trademark logo to projects printed on FSC-certified paper. You will start seeing this logo on more and more of our direct mail postcards. The FSC Chain of Custody certified logos shows Trost Consulting’s commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and provides our customers an additional option to help reduce the environmental impact of their printed materials.

Recycling: Any waste paper products used in the production of our post cards are recycled . Given the amount of postcards we produce there can be a large amount of paper waste from trimming and cutting. This waste is recycled so that we can maximize the usage of the paper and minimize the environmental impact of our processes.

Our goal is to be environmentally responsible and to provide a quality product for our customers. To learn more about the FSC go to: